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Centennial celebrations of the UI

The University has been the cornerstone of knowledge in Iceland for a century, or since the University was founded by Althingi on 17 June, 1911. The centennial will be celebrated in the year 2011 under the heading ‘Treasure for the future’. The treasure is primarily the students and the generations now growing up who will graduate from the University in coming years. The treasure also lies in the wealth of knowledge created in ambitious research and teaching in all the major fields of science at the University. 

The programme of the University‘s centennial was formally launched Friday, 7 January, at an open meeting with the University’s Rector, Kristín Ingólfsdóttir. The New Strategy of the University of Iceland 2011-2016 was presented at the meeting. A special Centennial historical Web Page was also launched on this occasion. Various milestones in the history of the University are published on the centennial website, as are interviews with interesting individuals connected to the University, video clips and photos from University life. Each of the University’s five schools will be in the limelight for a month at a time; during which faculties of the respective schools offer an ambitious programme

Overview of events and a photo based timeline

An historical timeline, is available here in icelandic. This web contains photos and text based short texts about University of Iceland for 100 years.

The Centennial exhibition is located on the first floor of Háskólatorg  - University of Iceland. The exhibition is part of the centennial celebration of the University of Iceland. The exhibition is open until October 2011 and is open all day. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.     


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