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"Food science and nutrition studies involve an active and interesting debate between teachers and students. An inquisitive, theoretical perspective prevails, encouraging both respect for the subject matter and vigour to tackle the many projects which food science and nutrition face in Iceland and internationally," says Inga Þórsdóttir, Dean of the School of Health Science and Professor at the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition.

"We want to educate graduates that dare to innovate, develop and expand, and who can solve issues and concerns as competently as possible, in the interest of public health and safety, wherever they are in the world – whether we are talking about an Icelandic athlete or a starving child in a faraway country.

Studies that are methodologically strong and oriented towards problem-solving produce exceptional food scientists and nutritionists. Research and faculty cooperation, both internal and external to the university, strategy formation, management and projects for the public and private sector, here and abroad, all contribute to student development. Healthy living and the best ways to satisfy the basic human need for food and nutrition are our business."

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