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Welcome to the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences.  The University of Iceland is the largest and most prestigious university in the country.  We have a long tradition in undertaking research and teaching across all disciplines of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

The school has a strong research and teaching programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences. We have an international student body, especially at graduate level. 

Opportunities for foreign students
The School of Engineering and Natural Sciences has the tradition to teach in English if foreign students enroll in our classes.  The school is divided into six Departments:

The Earth Sciences Department runs a one-year earth science for foreign students that is taught in English.  We also have a very popular interdisciplinary MS programme in English on Environment and Natural resources .

Gaia is a very active student organization from the Environment and Natural Resources programme. Our School has a number of other student organizations, and their leaders take an active part in the Schools´s Board and committees.  If foreign students are elected as leaders, our meetings are conducted in English.

We have active student exchange programmes through Erasmus (for European Union students), as well as a number of programmes in the US (e.g. MIT, CalTech, Cooper Union, Harvey Mudd) and elsewhere in the world. Anyone interested in student exchange please contact Guðrún Helga Agnarsdóttir for undergraduate exchange and Hafdís Eyjólfsdóttir for graduate studies.

Opportunities for research

Our faculty is involved with many international and often interdisciplinary research groups around the world.  The School´s research is centred within a number of institutes - including the Science Institute, Earth Sciences Institute, Life and Environmental Sciences Institute, Engineering Institute and we are affiliated with the interdisciplinary Sæmundur Fróði Sustainable Development Institute.

Anyone interested in making a link with our faculty please send an email to and we will be happy to assist in finding a suitable partner.  Similarly, we welcome applications from scientists abroad, when we have job openings.  Any meeting in the School is conducted in English when non-icelandic people take part.


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