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We experience student energy

Anna Soffía HauksdóttirStudents at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering witness engineering achievements all around them

"The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering has always been blessed with very good students, and in fact there have been several exceptional students who have studied at the faculty," says Professor Anna Soffía Hauksdóttir.

"It is a privilege to teach such people, deepen their understanding, assist them in adopting the material fast and well, and not least to open their eyes to the world of practical theory. Its fun to experience the students’ energy  and see the twinkle in their eye. Students witness engineering achievements all around them and tackle challenging projects during the course of their studies.

The faculty offers B.S., M.S. and doctorate degree programmes. M.S. and doctoral students are a growing and powerful group within the faculty, and along with teachers and B.S. students they encourage creative collaboration, often through cooperating with institutions and companies. Our students have also gone on to graduate studies abroad, many at some of the best engineering institutes in the world. That alone is an indication of the quality of the education offered here.

The faculty emphasises that students develop  a good understanding of their topics, and are able to address them skilfully, carefully and honestly. Our students are in high demand in several sectors of the economy, and their abilities and education seem to be increasingly useful in contemporary society. Teachers at the faculty are well-educated, both here and abroad. We focus on good teaching and good student supervision. We also emphasise that  teachers’ and students’ research results are published in international peer-reviewed venues, both at conferences and in journals. This, along with vigorous international cooperation and collaboration with the professional sector allows us to be at the forefront in a challenging competitive environment."

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