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The Faculty of Education Studies


ImageThe Faculty offers diverse graduate studies in education, as well as a new programme, International Studies in Education.

International Studies in Education is a comprehensive international education studies programme towards a B.A. degree (180 ECTS) or an M.A. degree (120 ECTS).

The programme focuses on education in the context of globalisation and the development of multicultural societies, sustainable development and on development studies and education in developing countries.

The programme provides a new option for students whose interests lie in international studies in education. It responds to the interests of students who want to work in international schools in Iceland or in schools or other educational settings in other countries. The programme also aims at training teachers to meet the needs of a growing group of immigrant children and bilingual children in Iceland.

Undergraduate programmes
Education studies
International studies in Education

Graduate programmes
Education studies
Educational administration and evaluation studies
Special education

Further information about programmes at the faculty is available in the Course Catalogue

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