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Welcome from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Faculty welcomes you to the Civil and Environmental Engineering program.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to bringing you a high quality education by providing state of the art teaching and research.  We encourage you to browse our website for information on specialties of our faculty, research and cooperation, both domestic and international.  At the undergraduate level we offer a BS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and at the MS and Ph.D. level we offer degrees in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering as well as in Environmental and Natural Resources.  The curriculum includes both theoretical courses and practical laboratory courses that span relevant fields and at the MS and Ph.D. level we offer advanced research opportunity.

Our graduated students are in high demand in many fields of the professional sector, and their skills and education are useful in an ever-broader capacity in contemporary society. Our professors have diverse educational, industrial and research experience, and are active in many of the principal areas of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Browse our web pages for further information on the structure and opportunity that our program provides.
Guðmundur Freyr Úlfarsson, Ph.D.
Head of Civil and Environmental Faculty


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