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Fighting worldwide Poverty - Job opportunities at the World Bank

Fighting worldwide Poverty - Job opportunities at the World Bank

Do you want to work towards ending extreme poverty and work towards developing communities all over the world? The World Bank Group has set these two goals and Roberto Amorosino, specialist at the bank will present job opportunities for young people in room 105 at the University Centre (Háskólatorg) on Thursday 8 March at 3.30 pm. The University of Iceland, Reykjavík University, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs host the event which is open to all.

The World Bank Group and its institutions offer both internships for graduate students in Universities, and long-term employment for those who have completed their graduate studies. The bank seeks people with a broad understanding of development issues and international work experience, preferably at the policy level, is extremely beneficial. In addition to proficiency in English, language skills are often required in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

The World Bank Group employs a multi-disciplinary staff of more than 10,000 employees from more than 170 countries specializing in economics, public policy, international finance, education, energy, social sciences, environmental sciences, legal issues and many other fields. The headquarters are in Washington, DC, but employees are located in over 100 regional country offices worldwide.

The presentation takes place in the University Centre (Háskólatorg) and is open to all. Roberto Amorosino will answer questions from the audience after his talk. There will be a live feed for those who are unable to attend.

About the World Bank Group

The World Bank's history goes back seventy years as it was founded in 1944; originally to help rebuild countries devastated by World War II. Consequently the bank places greater emphasis on the poorest countries with the goal of eradicating poverty. The bank has set two goals for the world to achieve by 2030. On the one hand to end extreme poverty be decreasing the percentage of people living on less than $1.90 a day to no more than 3%. On the other hand to promote shared prosperity by fostering the income growth of the bottom 40% for every country.

The World Bank Group offers both financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Its five institutions are The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The International Development Association, The International Finance Corporation, The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

Further information on the bank's operations can be found on its website.

About Roberto Aorosino

Roberto Amorosino holds a degree in law from the University La Sapienza, Rome and has worked withThe World Bank Group since 1994, in Washington DC, Paris, and Rome. He currently holds a post in the HR Department dealing with external recruitment, diversity and outreach issues.



Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 12:45
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