University of Iceland

Umhverfis og auðlindafr - efst til vinstri

The earth is undergoing environmental changes that are historically unique. Increased levels of greenhouse gases are changing the climate; depletion of harvestable fish species and desertification are threatening food security; and air and water pollution are affecting human and environmental health. Explaining the causes and consequences, reporting on the relevant issues or designing the appropriate counteractive and management methods are well beyond the abilities of a single discipline. At the University of Iceland we foster interdisciplinary thinking and analysis in our search for solutions. In Iceland, with its high use of domestic and potentially renewable energy, efficient management of renewable resources, and the largest wilderness area in Europe, students get an unequalled opportunity to participate in the search for solutions. The two year (four semesters) master's programme in Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Iceland is ideal for those who have finished B.Sc. or B.A. degrees, and want to concentrate on issues such as sustainable energy systems and policy, energy and the environment, environmental science and policy, environmental management and natural resources management such as fisheries and wilderness management. Students complete 120 ECTS and graduate with an M.Sc. or an M.A. degree in Environment and Natural Resources.Alumni and current students come from over 25 nation states. The programme is organized by diverse disciplines at the University, including social and natural sciences, business and economics and engineering. This crossdisciplinary collaboration fosters interdisciplinary thinking and gives students a unique opportunity, in consultation with their appointed faculty advisor, to design a tailor-made academic programme based on their interests. 

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