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A variety of research projects in the fields of education, pedagogy and training are carried out at the School of Education, for the purpose of creating new knowledge for the benefit of Icelandic society. An emphasis is placed on the structure and development of Icelandic education affairs being based on the best available knowledge at any given time.

Educational Research Institute

The Educational Research Institute is an academic and research institute operating under the auspices of the School of Education. The main role of the Educational Research Institute is to strengthen and support research within the School of Education.

The Institute supports research units and individual researchers by offering assistance to researchers applying for research funding, both for domestic and foreign competitive research grants and for other funding. The Institute will also provide service regarding most aspects of research, including assistance with the dissemination of research findings, advice on research procedures and support for development projects carried out in the School of Education.

Eighteen research centres and groups operate within the Institute. The Educational Research Institute was established in 2010.

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