University of Iceland


First class research

ImageThe University of Iceland is a research university and places great emphasis on quality in research. The university operates dozens of research institutions and centre, which are the venue for diverse research in various fields. Leading Icelandic scientists take part in research at the university, and each day sees strong innovative work taking place at the University of Iceland.

The University of Iceland is a large and far reaching institution. Seven study centres connected to the university are operated in rural areas; many of these attend to research based on localised knowledge. The university considers itself responsible for strengthening academia and research everywhere in the country, consequently, this aspect of the university's operations is growing rapidly.

Excellent service

The University of Iceland operates a vast number of service institutions; all of these take pains to provide students with the best service as possible. Many types of services are available:  educational and career counselling, counselling about exchange programmes and various IT services, to name a few. The Service Desk in the University Centre can resolve most questions from students; other staff is always keen to help.


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