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Students' Council

The Students' Council is the advocate of all university students and handles cases regarding student interests in relation to university authorities, the government and others that influence the policies of the university.

The Students' Council was established in 1920 and has ever since fought for the interests of students and various improvements in the university community. The role of the Students' Council is complex; e.g. it serves as the students' interest organisation and deals with any issues that are of concern to students. The Students' Council is the voice of students, both internally and externally, and is involved in many issues within the university. The Students' Council also publishes the Student Paper, organises the social agenda and attends to issues within the university relating to interests, equality and rights. Study the operations and agenda of the Students' Council further on

The Students' Council is located in the University Centre, level 3.

Campaign for student rights

The office of the Students' Council operates the Students' Council's Student Rights Office which handles cases of students that believe they have been unfairly treated within the university community.

The Student Paper

The Students' Council publishes the Student Paper, which is released regularly during the winter months. The Student Paper is an ambitious medium for news, entertainment and information, and is distributed to all students at the University of Iceland. The Student Paper is an open medium which welcomes submissions from all students and encourages them to take part in its operation. A new editor is hired each year, and a new editorial board comes into office. Further information on the Student Paper is available on

Student ID Card

All students can apply for a Student ID Card as soon as they enrol at the university. The card serves as university students' identification and discount card, and new and exciting offers are continually made available. Information about discounts on

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