University of Iceland



One of the goals of the University of Iceland is to build up active relationships with key constituencies and patrons of the university, both domestically and internationally. Purposeful development of advancement activities, and the shaping and maintenance of strong relationships with the university’s patrons and the community, is an important component of building a strong contact network for the university as a whole. The same applies to the five schools and all faculties.

Parallel to the building of relationships, advancement activities strengthen the university’s image, e.g. by spreading news of the university’s active involvement in the community.

The goal is that the activities of advancement organisations become an important component in the promotional and marketing work of the University of Iceland in years to come, and the purpose of the activities is to strengthen ties with former students and the community, thereby attaining powerful spokespeople and patron for the university across society.

The University of Iceland advancement activites will be markedly and purposefully strengthened in the coming semesters, with the aim of strengthening ties to current students, alumni, and others who wish to support the University of Iceland in its quest for greatness. The idea is that advancement activities will become multifold, and will build a sense of community amongst current students, and alumni, and will strengthen the relationship between the University of Iceland and the professional sector.

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