University of Iceland

Central administration

The central administration protects the overall interests of the university and attends to the university's collective concerns and communication with the authorities, on behalf of the Rector. The central administration is split into the following divisions:

  • Division of Academic Affairs - main responsibilities are issues related to teaching, the course catalogue, administration of examinations, student counselling, equal rights issues, Teaching Centre, evaluation of previous studies, records management, regulations and legislation.

  • Division of Finance - main responsibilities are financial control, budgets, accounting, salaries, procurement and scholarship funds.

  • Division of Human Resources - main responsibilities are execution of the human resource policy, employment conditions, job advertisements and recruitment, advice for managers, employees' rights and obligations, in service education, training and development and publication of operating procedures.

  • Division of Marketing and Public Relations - main responsibilities are promotional material, the university website, public relations, organisation of events, scholarship funds, relations with the professional sector and alumni.

  • Division of Operations and Resources - main responsibilities are new buildings, modifications and maintenance of buildings, management of grounds, purchasing and maintenance of furnishings, security, supervision of buildings and cleaning, tenancy agreements and insurance.

  • Division of Science and Innovation - main responsibilities are issues related to science and research, research based funds, research assessment, matters concerning evaluation committees, basic assessment, recruitment of new employees and academic promotion, productivity evaluation, sabbaticals, list of publications.

The central administration also includes the Graduate School and Internal review in addition to service institutions and other university service units.

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